Nune Aghbalyan Exhibit
updated 5/27/2007

A month long exhibit of Batik by Nune Aghbalyan image opened at ALMA, (the Armenian Library and Museum of America) in Watertown, Massachusetts on Sunday, October 3, 2004.

Nune Aghbalyan is a senior professor at the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts a nd is a member of UNESCO. On Sunday, October 17 at 12:00 she will hold a Master class - Interactive Show. A presentation/reception has also been scheduled for the same day at 3:00 PM.

Batik is a technique used to create decorative textile material through dyes. Although the technique is not new and has been practiced in many places in the world, Indonesians have popularized the modern intricate style. Nune Aghbalyan is one of the first artists in Armenia to make Batiks and use new techniques to express her art. A graduate of Moscow Textile Institute, Ms. Aghbalyan's creations do not conform to the strict sense of Batik. Painting lovers find painting in her works; there are delicate shades typical of water color art, those preferring graphics would find the whimsical game of lines and strokes and in some of her works one can even find elements of stained-glass technique. All those qualities are essential in understanding the place and success of Nune Aghbalyan's Batiks in modern interiors - both private and public.

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